The Inventors And Startups Are Rescuers of Ukraine`s Economy


The IMF has given Ukraine a new loan. But to achieve economic growth, the country needs to undertake determining its economic priorities, CASE Ukraine`s Senior Economist Vladimir Dubrovsky said in an interview to ‘Radio Freedom’.

According to the expert, we have development prospects, which are associated with the creation of a free trade zone with the EU. There are also some perspectives, which are formed after the deep Hryvnia devaluation: a Ukrainian labor power has become very cheap.

Dubrovsky also said that strategically Ukraine shows such an analysis in relation to the same labor power cost and other advantages: it is not so good strategically positioned in the market of industrial goods. And this is good, because we live in a post-industrial era: as of today, in industrial production, a very stiff competition between cheap manpower and robots takes place.

Ukraine has advantages in two other sectors: 1) agricultural sector; 2) high technology, the same IT – intellectual services. That is, it includes a variety of inventions and innovation, as well as providing, in fact, services such as audit.

What we need to do? We need to keep the simplified tax system, which really helps freelancers, who works as employees and receive money as an entrepreneur.

The most important thing is to make sure that these people do their work and create their inventions, programs and other thing in Ukraine

April 8, 2017