Economic development of transition

Vladimir Dubrovskiy


Senior Economist

Vladimir Dubrovskiy is senior economist and member of supervisory board of CASE Ukraine. Mr. Dubrovskiy specializes in the issues of business climate, enterprise restructuring, privatization, political economy, institutional economics, governance, and corruption. His recent work includes participation in writing the World Bank Country Economic Memorandum, and GDN study “Understanding Reforms”. Vladimir is also managing our partnership with the World Economic Forum. Finally, he is an author of several books and studies on the process of transformation in Ukraine, -including assessments of the economic consequences of privatization contracted by the State Property Fund of Ukraine.
Тематичні напрямки
  • Economic development of transition
  • Corruption studies
  • Experts
  • Political economy and institutional issues
  • Privatization
  • Business climate issues
  • Enterprise restructuring
  • Small and medium enterprises development

Publications and Projects:
February 11, 2015