How To Spend Money of Yanukovych?


The most optimal way to spend $ 1.5 billion confiscated from Mr. Yanukovych and his entourage is to send them to repay public debt, CASE Ukraine CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk in a commentary to the ‘Delovaya Stolitsa‘ (‘Business Capital’) media outlet said.

‘In order to pay and service a debt we spend 12% of the state budget. The debt itself has reached 80% of GDP. Considering how much it is expensive, it is worthy of that to send the money for these purposes,’ the economist adds.

According to the expert, Ukraine has no problems with the money income to the budget, but there is a problem with the effectiveness of their use. So you need to fully avoid the temptation to ‘eat away’ the mone

May 7, 2017