How ‘Sleeping’ Self-Employed Individuals` Closing Will Affect Ukraine`s Economy


The changes in the self-employed individuals (SEI) procedures of paying unified social tax, which have been adopted in December 2016, make ‘sleeping SEIs’ stop working. CASE Ukraine`s CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk explained in a commentary to ‘Ekonomichekiye Izvestiya’ (‘Economic News’) media outlet, how this will affect Ukraine`s economy. ‘The private entrepreneurs` share in Ukraine’s GDP is small. But except having share in the GDP, SEIs have a significant social role of feeding themselves independently. From a political point of view, they are a backbone of the middle class who are not guided by ‘feeding hand’, CASE Ukraine`s CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk says.The economist is confident that some working SEIs will be closed to work on behalf of other SEIs and thus save on a unified social tax. ‘I am sure many of them will soon be registered at employment centers’, – predicts Dmytro Boyarchuk.

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January 13, 2017