2017 Budget Increase, And a Bill From the State

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The Verkhovna Rada has supported the bill on changes to the 2017 state budget of Ukraine. Thus, the parliament increased the revenue part of the state budget of Ukraine in 2017 by about UAH 39.7 billion. It has grown to almost UAH 771 billion. The expenditures have risen by UAH 40.7 billion to 841.1 billion. CASE Ukraine`s economist Natalia Leshchenko commented on budget changes to the ‘Radio Vesti’.

“The bulk of this money comes from the budget`s performance over a target. Firstly, the macro forecast was revised. In addition, the nominal GDP was increased. In 2016, as the 2017 budget has been adopted, the minimum wage was raised twice. Nevertheless, no changes in the macroeconomic indicators, the growth of the average wage, and the increase in prices did not take place, – the economist commented. – Accordingly, at the beginning of this year, we had an opportunity to observe a pleasant feature – the budget`s performance over a target and its increase in comparison with last year in 1,5-2 times.’

July 19, 2017