If We Reduce the Number of Holidays, Will We Raise the Economy?


There is a discussion in expert circles, that if the Ukrainians would have been working more, the country would be truly more prosperous. CASE Ukraine`s CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk commented to the ‘Vholos’ (‘Aloud’) media outlet on the appropriateness of the holidays number reduction.

‘I think the fight with the holidays is a wrong approach. Canceling a few days off will provide a little bit growth because of low comparative base. But later there will be no effect at all. The main issue is not ‘how much’ one works, but ‘how effectively’. An example: the state structures, where most of the processes could be automated (a paper flow especially). What is the point, that after some holidays` reduction the papers in the government agencies will be transferred to another day? The difference is, when these documents would start ‘run’ automatically! I am not saying that without a part of government`s functions the businesses would work more active and productive. Or consider tax accounting: how many man-days are being spent for that? Do you know that most of the accounting reports are a cost certification? It is done to determine the tax base for income tax! Just imagine that the income tax is replaced with the capital transfer tax! We would save  so much working time and paper! So I think that the holidays’ cancellation will not save us economically.

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February 10, 2017