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Mіжнародна конференція “Вплив глобалізації на Європу та Азію”


Fifth International CASE ConferenceWinds of Change:

The Impact of Globalization on Europe and Asia

 23-24 March, 2007 Kyiv (Ukraine) 



Keynote address

Martin Wolf, Challenges and Risks of Globalisation (PowerPoint Presentation)


Session 1. The Asian Challenge to Europe: Growth Performance and Changing Trade Patterns

·          Anders Aslund, How Can the EU Emulate the Positive Features of the East Asian Model? (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Susan Schadler, Growth in the Central and Eastern European Countries of the European Union (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Wing Thye Woo, The Asian Challenge to Europe? No, the best is yet to be. [see also: PowerPoint Presentation]


Session 2. Global Imbalances: Sources, Sustainability, and Policy Responses

·          Jűrgen von Hagen, Brigit Schmitz, Alan Ahearne, Current Account Imbalances in the Euro Area (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Marek Dabrowski, Rethinking balance-of-payments constraints in a globalized world

·          Daniel Gros, PowerPoint presentation and background papers:

1. A World Out of Balance? Special report of the CEPS Macroeconomic Policy Group

2. Foreign Investment in the US (I): Dissapearing in a black hole?

3. Foreign Investment in the US (II): Being taken to the cleaners?

·          Gian Maria Milesi-Feretti, PowerPoint presenation and background papers:

1. Europe and Imbalances

2. A Global Perspective on External Positions

3. Appendix 1.2 in the September 2005 WE

4. A follow-up BOX in the Spring 2006 WEO

·          Ray Barell, PowerPoint presentation entitled Global Imbalances. Some Comments  and background paper on: Correcting US Imbalances


Session 3. Migration Flows: Between Economic Needs and Social Fears

·          Sebastien Jean, Migration in OECD Countries: Labour Market Impact and Integration Issues (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Jakob von Weizacker, A Simulation of the Distributional Effects of International Migration [See also: PowerPoint Presentation]


Session 4 sponsored by the GMF. Is Aid Needed in a World of Free Trade?

·          Paolo Garonna & Abdur Chowdhury, Effective Foreign Aid, Economic Integration and Subsidiarity: Lessons from Europe (See also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Refik Erzan, Multilateral and Regional Approaches to “Aid for Trade”

·          Siow Yue Chia, Comments to papers by Erzan and Garonna&Chowdhury

·          Stephen P. Groff, Millenium Challenge Corporation Bacground and Overview

·          Keun Lee, What is Needed: Aid or Access?


Session 5. Governance and Economic Development

·          Paul G. Hare, The Political Economy of Growth and Governance (See also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Leszek Balcerowicz, Institutions and Convergence

·          Jacek Rostowski, The Wig and the Pith Helmet – the Impact of “Legal School” versus Colonial Institutions on Economic Performance (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Jan Svejnar, Simon Commander, Do Institutions, Ownership, Exporting and Competition Explain Firm Performance? Evidence from 26 Transition Countries. (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Leonid Polishchuk, Institutions for Growth: Flexible but Stable


Session 6. The European Union and its Near Abroad

·          Michael Emerson, Gergana Noutcheva and Nicu Popescu, European Neighbourhood Policy after two years:  Time indeed for an ‘ENP Plus (see also: PowerPoint Presentation)

·          Lucio Vinhas de Souza, Presentation entitled: The EU’s Neigbourhood

·          Milica Uvalic, PowerPoint Presentation: EU and Southeast Europe


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