Ukraine: Monetizing a Transition Economy


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This monograph is part of a series of books covering various aspects of the decade of Eastern European transition, with a focus on Ukraine. It is a product of the joint work of Ukrainian and foreign economists associated with the Harvard/CASE Ukraine project, cooperating closely with Ukrainian policymakers and experts from a number of policy analysis centers in Kyiv. The activities of the project were funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Many of the ideas and analyses presented in this volume were elaborated over the past five years (1996-2000) and delivered in the form of various analytical and advisory notes to Ukrainian, political leaders. Hence, many of the thoughts expressed here have already contributed, directly or indirectly, to Ukrainian policies and reforms. The main theme of the book is “monetization” of the economy – involving issues like cash transactions, monetary policies, financial institutions, and development indicators”- and the importance of monetization to a transition economy: the development of a competitive market, sustainable growth, and prosperity.

Тематичні напрямки
  • Дослідження
  • Дослідження перехідних економік
  • Публікації
  • Фіскальна політика

  • Януш Ширмер
Січень 30, 2002