Will Ukraine Live Without IMF Money?

Продажа мяса на рынках

Our country was received the 4th IMF tranche of $ 1 billion. CASE Ukraine`s CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk writes in ‘The IMF Remains the Main Driver Of Reforms In Ukraine’ article for the ‘Novoe Vremia’ (‘New Time’) magazine about whether it is reasonable to take out loans and stop borrowing.

In the last published memorandum of cooperation with the IMF, Ukraine undertook to initiate measures aimed at reducing the deficit of the pension fund, to create a land market, to launch a full-scale privatization of state enterprises, to give permission to NABU to wiretap, to legalize gambling and to start combating illegal amber extraction.

According to Dmytro Boyarchuk, the IMF and other external creditors, and Ukrainian society, partly, are almost the only incentive to have changes in our country. In addition to concern about the political rating and risks that external loans will not come nothing else stimulates the Ukrainian government. Chances to start a land reform are rather large, CASE Ukraine`s CEO Dmytro Boyarchuk is confident.

April 7, 2017