How Is the EU-Ukraine Association Beneficial?


On September 1, the Association Agreement with the European Union entered into force. Dmytro Boyarchuk, Center for Socio-Economic Research CASE Ukraine`s executive director, explained in the column for ‘Novoye Vremia’ media outlet its benefits for Ukraine.

Trade with EU countries is increasing, and this trend will continue. But everything depends on us in political terms. The Association implies our country`s reform efforts. It is important to bring Ukrainian legislation to European norms. It will take a while. Therefore, I do not think that tomorrow or the day after tomorrow anything in the country will radically change.

In essence, the Agreement`s entry into force consolidates the foreign policy vector of integration, says the expert. After all, free trade area with the EU countries has been working for several years. For business, tariff rates on different positions were reduced to different levels. However, this is not the issue to us. The key point is different, non-tariff barriers, which assume that we must tighten up to a European level.

If we meet their standards, then the door will open for us. In any case, this is a competition and an attempt to provide high-quality goods and services. This is an ambitious task.

Several years ago, there were many fears that the Association Agreement could hurt the Ukrainian economy more than help it. However, let me note that the main risks were assessed for enterprises in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Since the hostilities began there, the war created such problems and caused such damage that this discussion was no longer urgent. I am afraid that it is impossible to assess the impact or non-impact of the Association on the economy of the region.

The very same entry into force of the Association Agreement with the EU can be compared to the fact that you entered a prestigious university. Undoubtedly, this is a great news. You have already passed the examinations, received a message about your introduction and come to study on 1 September. However, it is a big issue how you will study and what awaits for you after graduating from the university. Much depends on you.

September 3, 2017