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Why Ukrainians Should Not Copy the Economic Policies of S. Korea and Japan


How does that happen, that benefits for industry destroy the economy and provoke social parasitism. Read that in the article in the ‘Delovaya stolytsia’ newspaper, written by CASE Ukraine`s Senior Economist Volodymyr Dubrovsky (in Russian)

Industry and agriculture will grow well in a natural way and without any government assistance. Just get out of the light. Moreover, when they have  grown on their own, without state patronage, these companies have a chance to overcome the Soviet legacy and develop the corporate market culture, which is necessary for competitiveness in today’s world.

Given the nature of Ukraine, it is likely to be niche businesses, small ones, but very influential on narrow markets for its innovation and know-how, rather than the giants and vertically-integrated systems. And, of course, there always will be a place for the industry, serving the domestic market for goods, which is inconvenient for international trade. In post-industrial Ukraine, it will be many times more. But when ‘there is nothing to rule over’, that is not interesting… That is why stepping on the same rake twice is our best method!

Read the full article [in ukrainian].

December 28, 2016