Population`s Consumer Sentiment Is Restoring


In Ukraine, three branches have become the drivers of development – passenger air transportation, construction, and gas transit. For seven months this year, they added from 16% to 42% compared with the same period in 2016. However, their impetus is not so strong for the country to move to the sustainable development.

Dmytro Boyarchuk, Center for Socio-Economic Research CASE Ukraine`s executive director, commented the case to the ‘Novoye Vremia’ media outlet: ‘According to statistics, population`s consumer sentiment is restoring. Maybe it is not as bright as it would be desirable. But the dynamics are positive’.

According to the GfK Ukraine research company, in July, the consumer sentiment index has risen to 58.7 versus 53.7 in January. That is an increase of 8.9%. Demand went up and pulled all retail up. In the end, for the first seven months of this year, the latter showed plus 8%.

September 7, 2017