Tax Reform. Business is Promised a Dolce Vita


Volodymyr Dubrovskiy, CASE UKRAINE`s Senior economist, comments to UNIAN news agency on evaluating the tax reform implemented by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.
Volodymyr Dubrovskiy, CASE UKRAINE`s Senior economist, supports amendments to the Tax Code, initiated by the Ministry of Finance, but believes that some revisions are necessary to make at the current stage of reform.

’If you want taxpayers to really feel the changes, it is necessary to change approaches to the income tax. Howsoever you would change the rules of administration, the base remains unchanged. The tax is considered to be very complicated. We are committed to going to the tax on capital withdrawal’, says Dubrovsky. In his opinion, the budget hole which may occur after this tax implementation should be compensated with spending cuts. The government failed to be the last in the 2017 budget.

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September 26, 2016