Political Revenge Squelched


Local elections underscored a few interesting trends. First, there was no dominant winner. Though national parties led the pack, dozens of local political forces entered local councils, creating a mixed local political landscape. There’s been a shift in the sympathies in the east – some traditional patrimonies of the former Party of Regions are now, surprisingly, beginning to support alternative forces.  The pending second round of mayoral elections on the political front line of Dnipropetrovsk is indicative of this trend. Local voting also showed that the so-called “tariff revolution” is unlikely to happen. Populist parties like Tymoshenko’s Batkivshchyna improved their standing, but support is insufficient to push a new agenda. More about recent tendencies you can read in our new report “Political Revenge Squelched”. The full report could be obtained through subscription at Global Source (  Trial access is available.

Summary of Economic Overview

November 5, 2015