Unique Tool To Increase Salary


There is another way to raise wages – that is, to create conditions for entrepreneurship. The potential for this decision is huge: UAH 300 billion are paid as an envelope salary, CASE Ukraine`s Senior Economist Volodymyr Dubrovsky in an article for the ‘Ekonomichna Pravda’ (‘The Economic Truth’) media outlet says.
It is necessary to free anyone who wants to do business from the Paul Pryism, exactions and unnecessary restrictions. That is, to protect his property rights by removing the rapacious paws of racketeers and raiders, including state ones, and to ensure fair competition without formal and informal privileges for ‘our own’ ones.

In a word, to give an opportunity to earn honestly, so that everyone with an entrepreneurial spirit would like to start a business, and those who succeeded could and would expand their business. At the same time, all interested persons could remain self-employed without guarantees, but enjoing low taxes.

Then the workers will go off like hot cakes and can choose. Those who will offer the best conditions, will be able to expand the business. Then the salaries will start to grow rapidly, without laws and presidential orders, and unemployment will decrease.

To do this, too, we need reforms, and extremely unpopular ones. They must be implemented not among ordinary people, who have little of that is described above, but among those who today ‘milk’ the business. This, above all, deregulation and tax reform.

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March 11, 2017