Improving the social assistance system (pilot projects)


The aim of the Project was to help Ukraine to make the social assistance system more efficient by simplifying procedures and increasing assistance targeting. The Project covered various issues of social assistance and was performed as five pilot projects.

The core of the project was testing the new methods of indirect (hybrid) means-testing of the social assistance applicants. Using advanced statistical methods, the experts of CASE Ukraine developed a tool for income estimation on the basis of regular socio-economic characteristics of applicants which can be easily checked. The tool was tested in five pilot welfare offices and found useful for the purpose of eligibility estimation. For more information on this issue, see the section Improving the Mechanisms of Means-Testing: Indirect Method.

The task of strengthening the role of social inspectors and improving the efficiency of their work was the next in significance and importance. Experts of CASE Ukraine have examined the role, rights and responsibilities of social inspectors in other countries, prepared proposals for preventing fraud in the system of social assistance of Ukraine and improving current procedures of the social assistance granting, and also developed some practical tools to facilitate social inspector’s work. More information on the issue may be found in the section Work of the Social Inspector: Current Status and Perspectives of the Institution.

Other tasks of the project included studying opportunities for improving the mechanisms of privileges and housing subsidies provision and for introducing public works for the social assistance purposes. For each of the options proposed, the impact on the social assistance system was estimated, and the conclusions regarding their advisability were made. More information about these issues may be found in the following sections:

• Improving the mechanism of housing subsidies provision

• Improving the mechanism of privileges provision

• Public Works for the Social Assistance Purposes

The particular products of the Project are Recommendations on Social Assistance Granting Policies, that combine all the recommendations prepared during the work on different pilot projects, and Guidelines on the Work of State Social Inspectors, that are a kind of a manual for social inspectors.

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April 11, 2010