Your Receipt for 2013, or How to Understand State Budget

receipt- THIS ONE

“In 2013 the revenues of consolidated budget reached UAH 442.7 bln (30.4% of GDP), the own revenues of Pension fund – UAH 166.9 bln (11.5% of GDP)” – we get such kind of information from the Ministry of finance, when it reports on the public funds. But how a person with an average salary nearly UAH 2000-3000 monthly can absorb these numbers? Since UAH 1 bln equals 28 thousands of years (!) of a perfect work for a lay worker.

It appears that all these unattainable for ordinary people numbers can be expressed in a simple way as taxes, which we regularly pay, getting a salary or going out for shopping. For instance, in 2013 Ukrainian citizen getting a salary UAH 2 700 monthly paid UAH 30908 to the state budget annually – including VAT, which is incorporated in good’s price, social security contribution, which is deducted from the salary by default, and, of course, tax on income. This way can we “translate” report of the Ministry of finance.

Our current report is devoted to clear representation of the state budget. This work is one of the first steps towards simplification of data on the budget and budget processes. Our aim is to help Ukrainians to understand, what is going on with their money, and encourage them to active civil participation in the budgeting process.

For more details about state budget’s execution in the last year, please, see the report “Your Receipt for 2013, or How to Understand State Budget” (in Ukrainian).

June 2, 2014